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drop-shipped urns

Increase sales and reduce effort by upgrading to drop-shipped urns and keepsakes.

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Quality merchandise that families want to buy

You get paid first before we drop-ship. Make up to $150 per urn.

cremation urnscremation urns

Optimize merchandise revenue without the headache

Give your customers an amazing experience without any additional effort.


Increase your average order and merchandise profits

Increase your average order value and merchandise profits. Parting Pro sees millions of dollars in funeral transactions a month.


Offer the best selling urns and keepsakes

Based on our data, we know the best selling urns and keepsakes and the price points they sell best at.


Optimize your merchandise revenue

We actively manage your online checkout inventory to optimize your merchandise revenue. If an urn is sold out, we'll monitor and suggest alternatives that we've seen sell.


Sit back and relax while we manage your inventory

When an urn or keepsake is ordered on Parting Pro, we drop-ship it to your funeral home. Let us worry about inventory so you can focus on serving your families.

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Offer the best selling urns and keepsakes.
Increase your average order profits.
Sit back and relax while we manage your inventory.

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