Give customers the choice to pay online. Today.

Consumers today want more options online. With Parting Pro, you can provide your families with what they’re looking for.

In 24 hours, you could be selling your services and merchandise from your own website. Parting Pro gives you a personalized online store at no additional cost.


Increase your average revenue per call

Now you can guarantee that your employees will offer an upsell for every case. Parting Pro customers sell more merchandise with less effort. Our seamless online checkout system will generate you more revenue. See it for yourself.

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Receive signed forms digitally

Ease the process with digital signature. No more printing, scanning or faxing for you or your customers. Have all your forms signed digitally and saved in one place.


Send and confirm photo ID verifications instantly

You no longer have to prepare the body, reserve a room, or use precious staff hours to do an identification.

Complete ID verification in minutes, while legally covering all your bases.


Close more “price shoppers” without being pushy

Don’t let price shoppers slip through the cracks. Capture the sale after the initial call with Parting Pro’s one-click proposal generation and automatic email follow-ups. Never lose a case due to a lack of an organized sales process again.


Make better business decisions based on data

How many shopping calls did you get this week? How many leads converted into new customers? How much money did you make this month? Who's referring new business to you? Never wonder again. Have all the answers at the tip of your fingers.


Comply with FTC's Funeral Rule regulations

Innovative funeral homes use Parting Pro to move their business online. Our software ensures that our customers follow FTC regulations in this uncharted territory. Our funeral counsel, Poul Lemasters, serves as Advisor for ICCFA's Cremation Education Program. Parting Pro uses industry-standard 256-bit SSL security and is Payment Card Industry compliant. We don't own your data and will provide it whenever requested, even if you leave us.


Stay on top of your business while on-the-go

Ditch the whiteboards and paper folders. With Parting Pro, your entire team will always know exactly what to do next. Collaborate in real time, assign tasks, and reduce unnecessary back and forth. Parting Pro keeps your team organized and focused. Whether you're out in the field or back in the office, you can access Parting Pro from any device.


What our customers are saying about us


"Parting Pro has allowed my customers to buy directly from my website.

They're grateful that it's so simple and easy to use."

August Heinz
Funeral Director and Owner
Family Care Cremation, Illinois


"I find Parting Pro to be a good investment

Not only are more people selecting urns and upgrades,
but the fact that the customer is paying the credit card fee makes it worth the investment."

Tim Meyers
Funeral Director and Owner
Szpindor-Meyers Funeral Home, Pennsylvania


"I spend a fraction of the time sending proposal emails than I did before using it."

Matthew Walker
Funeral Director
Woodlawn Cremation and Funeral Services, Indiana