Grow your business with software

Everyone in the funeral industry is looking to grow their cremation business, and competition is as fierce as it’s ever been. The tactics and strategies you choose make a difference and give you a competitive advantage.

The traditional strategy to growing cremation businesses has been to focus on marketing. Traditional marketing includes purchasing traffic online, engaging through social media, and print media. But here’s the problem: all funeral homes try the traditional methods! If everyone is doing the same thing, it’s no wonder it is so competitive and frustrating. Abandon traditional thinking and embrace innovation. Separate yourselves from the pack.

Innovation through technology is the untraditional way to grow your cremation business. The way to grow your business without throwing money at marketing is to become efficient operationally.

Why technology? Technology can be overwhelming. People think that there is a high learning curve, and high switching cost to use technology. But finding the right technology that solves a specific problem will change everything. You will save both time and money by utilizing software to make your business more efficient. That time and money can then be reinvested into other revenue generating opportunities.

Let’s look at an example of how technology improves something funeral homes do on a daily basis. It’s every funeral home’s responsibility to make sure the decedent is identified before cremating the body. We call this process ID Verification. It seems like such a basic task that it’s easy to overlook how to improve this process.

When you break down the costs for ID Verification for a funeral home, it looks something like this (estimate):

  • Preparing the body:  $30/hr * .5hr = $15
  • Reserving a room for viewing: $50
  • 1 attendant for viewing: $30/hr * 1hr = $30

That’s a total of $95 to ID the decedent for every cremation. There are also extra costs for the decedent's family as well. They need both time and travel to perform ID Verification in person. What seems like a simple task actually requires heavy lifting on both sides. How many cremation cases do you average in a month? If you averaged 10 cases a month, that would total to a $950 spent on ID Verification every month.

So how can we use technology to save time and money on ID verification? Everything changes when we drop the need for the verification to happen in person. A room no longer needs to be prepared, an attendant is no longer necessary, and the family does not have to travel at all. In this ideal scenario, we have reduced the entire cost of ID verification! It’s a lot easier to get a leg up on your competition if you have an extra $950 to invest every month.

Parting Pro software already has this ID Verification solution baked in. Any employee can take and send an ID Verification photo from their Parting Pro dashboard in minutes. The family can then view and identify the photo online at their own convenience. If you’re interested in saving time and money, contact us for an in-depth demo.